Is your Moss Agate Crystal Real?

Moss Agate crystals are gorgeous-looking healing stones in various shapes, patterns, and shades. Its existence in different shapes and colors makes it one of the sought-after varieties of stones. Moss Agate’s beautiful hues and patterns are so gorgeous that its combination of different colors and patterns can satisfy any taste. Before buying a Moss Agate, make sure that it’s an original piece that would impart positive energies and cleanse the aura of your house. Since most crystal hoarders make their purchases online, one can buy the fake ones as they won’t get to hold or touch them before making a purchase. Thus, online stores have been flooded with counterfeit crystals these days.   

A genuine Moss Agate will always have continuous shades of colorful layers. So if you want to distinguish between a fake Moss Agate and a real one, you need to notice the colorful mottled patterns deeply spread within it. At times the appearance of bubbles might be one of the big signs of a fake Moss Agate. 

How to know if your crystal is fake?

A genuine Moss Agate crystal appears in various colors: white, milky, yellow, light brown, and reddish-brown.  

  • Try scratching your crystal with a knife or a blade. If scratches appear on your crystal, then most probably, it’s a fake one. The hardness and density of this crystal are so high that even a sharp knife cannot leave a scratch on its surface. 
  • Hold your Moss Agate crystal in one palm and try to gauge its approximate density. If you find it heavy, it might be a genuine crystal because the density of a natural Agate is always substantially high. So weighing it by keeping it in your arm is the other way to determine if your Moss Agate is genuine. 
  • The color of the Moss Agate will be mainly in shades of reddish-brown, light brown, milky-white, or light yellow. So before buying a Moss Agate stone, make sure that the stone is translucent in color.

What do fake Moss Agates look like? 

A fake Moss Agate crystal can appear in different forms and materials. A low-quality or fake Moss Agate can be identified by checking its colors. If a dying process has enhanced your Moss Agate crystal, it’s a red flag, and you shouldn’t buy that crystal.

Some fake Moss Agates look like plastic and are high in opaqueness. The faux crystals usually appear vibrant and highly vivid. Another easy way to understand whether your Moss Agate is real or fake is to check if it appears in neon colors, bright pink, emerald green, vivid blue, or turquoise. Most Moss Agate crystals that appear in these bright colors turn out to be fake. 

Difference between a Real Moss Agate and a Fake Moss Agate

Characteristics Fake Moss Agate Real Moss Agate
ColorVibrant and neon shades,  like bright pink, neon blue, emerald green,  mossy black, and vivid blue. Translucent shades like grey, white, beige, light to dark brown, or light bluish.
Transparency Fake Moss Agate is primarily opaque. Rays of light cannot be passed through a fake Moss Agate.  It is translucent or semi-opaque, and light rays can easily pass through this crystal.
Hardness or density It is low in density, and a knife can easily scratch it. It is high in density, and a knife cannot easily scratch it. 
Presence of bubbles Fake Moss Agates are made of plastic and glass, and it has the presence of bubbles in them. Bubbles aren’t present in a genuine Moss Agate.  
Dye-EnhancementThe appearance of spots is due to the presence of dye. No presence of dye

Before purchasing a Moss Agate crystal, make out all of the above differences and know whether the crystal you are buying is fake or real. Though purchasing a fake Moss Agate won’t do any harm to you, it won’t be effective in healing you spiritually. So every time you think of buying a Moss Agate crystal, make sure you invest your money in the real one.