Indian Agate vs Moss Agate: Find what works for you?

Moss Agate is one of the sought-after varieties of crystal existing on this earth. It is found in different parts of the world, and it can be used for various purposes like cleansing an aura, manifesting positive vibes, maintaining relationships, and donning jewelry. Though a Moss Agate stone appears in a plethora of shades and colors, it exists in a country-specific variety. Just like pink or green Moss Agates, an Indian variety of Moss Agates also exists on this earth. 

Although Indian Agate and Moss Agate stones appear to be pretty much similar in looks, these two separate specimens; show distinct physical features and different healing properties.  

The main difference between these two stone specimens can be made through their appearance. Moss Agate stone reflects a continuous pattern of different intensities of greens. At the same time, an Indian specimen of Moss Agate crystal not only displays green hues but also has a mix of other colors like red, brown, beige, and blue.  

Indian Agate vs. Moss Agate – Tabular Comparison

Based on the below characteristics, one can easily differentiate between Moss Agate and Indian Agate-  

Characteristics Moss Agate Indian Agate 
Color Moss Agate stones mostly appear in a greenish-milky-white shade. Indian Agate is a concoction of shades like brown, beige, blue, grey, red, and green.
PatternThe pattern of a Moss Agate crystal is one of its contrasting features, as it has gorgeous fine green filaments and dendritic inclusions that resemble moss or a forest. These continuous patterns give us the illusion of contemplating a fine forest scene packed within the stone.  On the contrary, the Indian Agate stone displays single-shade patterns that one cannot attribute to majestic scenery or patterns within the stone. 
ChakrasBoth of the stones are associated with different chakras. Wherein Moss Agate is more focused on balancing the heart Chakra. Balancing this chakra, in turn, assists you in retrieving vitality, confidence, and optimism. An Indian Agate is strongly associated with the Sacral Chakra, which balances the flow of energy and helps you to make your mind calm. Also, the vibrations of this stone make you more empowered and lively than ever. 

Healing properties of Moss Agate and Indian Agate crystal

While both Moss Agate and Indian Agate are pretty different in terms of color, patterns, and association with chakras, they are also known to have contrasting healing properties. That will undoubtedly help you decide what kind of vibrations or energies you would want to have around you. This factor would not just matter in terms of vibrations, but it would also help in deciding on the goals you want to achieve.

Below is the list of healing properties of both stones. Understanding how differently these two stones work will help you choose the right stone for you to purchase. 

Healing properties of Moss Agate

  • It is a stone of balance and stability.
  • It offerers profound inner calmness.
  • The energies of this specimen of crystal help in soothing mood swings.
  • Offers an internal power for new and pleasant beginnings.
  • It helps you stay more spiritually grounded than ever. 
  • Your soul will be able to feel more rooted to the earth beneath your feet. 
  • It is also known as ‘Gardener’s Stone,’ which attributes to its strong bond with greenery and nature. 

Healing properties of an Indian Agate 

  •  An Indian Agate provides inner peace, tranquility, and emotional well-being. 
  • The low-frequency vibrations of this stone heal you emotionally and help you get rid of any blockages. 
  • The energy being imparted is so pure and soothing that it protects you from negativity and helps you achieve a strong sense of inner peace.
  • This stone binds your soul, mind, body, and heart together.  
  • Acknowledge your worth by basking under the soothing aura of an Indian Agate.  
  • Boost your intellect flow to deal with your daily tasks with ease. 
  • It helps people in getting out of a state of depression or anxiety. 
  • This stone makes it easy to put your excessive thinking at rest.
  • Get rid of any unwavering negative thoughts quickly.  

All of the specimens of Moss Agate crystals are highly effective and make the healing process pretty much straightforward. If you want to work on a specific domain of life, then you need to know the suitable stone for you. Be it Pink Moss Agate or Indian. All of the Agate family specimens are highly impactful, but it is of utmost importance to know what impact you are seeking from your Moss Agate crystal. Based on your need, you can too make a worthwhile purchase. 

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