Moss Agate Magical Properties

Do you believe in magic? Not sure if it’s something real or just a part of fantasy movies and folklore. Perhaps this world’s resonating vibrations and energies have been wrapped into a beautiful word called ‘magic,’ or maybe it is what magic is made of. 

Beautiful crystals like Moss Agate release strong positive vibrations that their healing power is no less than magic. In the end, it all boils down to the intensity of vibrations being released. But to receive these vibrations, your mind should be in a state to believe in them, or else you won’t be able to feel or heal with them. 

History of use of Moss Agate’s Magical Properties

Looking back into the past, In ancient times, moss agate was used by shamans to ward off evil spirits and protect travelers on long journeys.

During the 18th century, the British farmers used this beautiful green mossy stone to attract prosperity to their farmlands. Since the olden days, farmers in different parts of the world have been hanging the Moss Agate stone to the branches of trees, believing that this would help them produce a bounteous harvest. 

Cleanse your aura with Moss Agate

Going through stress, anxiety, and workload is very common these days. Well, cinderella’s fairy godmother would have made things easy for us if she had existed for real. 

Fret not! You are yet to explore the Magical properties of Moss Agate. Moss Agate is a gorgeous green-mossy crystal with detailed mottled moss-like patterns. Many people who follow a holistic lifestyle use this stone to cleanse the aura of their surroundings. You, too, can cleanse your aura by donning it as an amulet or placing it somewhere in your room.

Magical Properties of Moss Agate

  1. Place it among flowers, and they will bloom a little more.
  2. Wear it as a pendant, and you will feel calmer and more stable.
  3. Keeping it in a workplace or an office will help your business rise, and you might feel more abundant in terms of money. 
  4. Its aesthetic green hues will always make your soul more connected with nature. 
  5. This stone can make you feel or sense everything more. (Like the sound of a running river stream, sunrays sieving through the leaves, and the scent of nature.) 
  6. Moss Agate is known to heal and balance your heart chakra, making you feel calm and relaxed every moment.  
  7. Keeping this stone within your aura and charging it frequently can help you feel deeply rooted in the earth underneath your feet.  
  8. Like taking a stroll under the soothing forest canopy on a sultry summer day, Moss Agate will always bring your mind back to balance.

Does moss agate bring good luck?

Moss agate is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it or carry it with them. It also has protective qualities that can help shield you from negative energy and psychic attack.

Moss Agate Magical Healing Properties

  • It helps in treating fungal and skin infections.
  • Boosts immunity
  • It speeds up the process of recovery from any illness. 
  • Reduces pain during pregnancy or delivery of a baby.
  • Lowers the chances of catching an infection or fever. 

The healing effect of this green-mossy stone is so strong that it can treat any sort of gastric infection or inflammation in the body. Just like nature makes us feel refreshed and peaceful, Moss Agate crystals too bring us to a positive state and help us connect more with nature. Moss Agate’s soothing aura can be as relaxing as a stroll in the meadows or a plunge in chilled water. To feel more connected to yourself and your soul, become a Moss Agate bearer and start experiencing a whirlpool of constant positivity around you. 

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