Can a Moss Agate crystal go in the water?

Putting a Moss Agate crystal into water will always be a considerable debate. Since it is a stone usually found in river streams and lakes, some people prefer to cleanse this crystal in water. In contrast, some are scared of spoiling the lustrous sparkling shine of their crystal by charging it in water. 

To benefit from this green crystal’s beauty, it must be charged at frequent intervals. But the question is, will charging a Moss Agate crystal in water spoil its shine and luster? Can Moss Agate get wet? Can they go in the water? Let’s find out.

Effect of Water on Moss Agate

Since these crystals are found in water, these crystals have already been tarnished and corroded in the river water by getting buffed with other stones or rocks under the water. What you usually get to bear is a small piece of this crystal that has undergone many changes over time. Thus, you might reconsider if you like to place your crystals in a water bowl or a vase. Charging your crystal into a water bowl for a day or so won’t harm your crystal,  but cleansing it frequently with water can lead to permanent damage to it

What happens when Moss Agate is frequently soaked in warm water?

  • The stone might lose its lustrous shine.
  • It becomes dull and cracky over time.
  • Due to metals like iron in it, they might get oxidized over time.
  • Soaking the Moss Agate stone in water for a long time might widen those tiny cracks. This will change the way the rays of light bounce off the stone. 
  • The green mossy mottled patterns might turn yellow over time. 
  • If it loses its shine, light rays won’t be able to bounce off, which in turn will lower the vibrations and energies being released within the aura. 

To save your crystal from getting damaged and dull over time, you can consider using alternate methods of charging it. 

Alternate ways of charging your crystal

  • Smudge your crystal with sage or lavender.
  • Stash it in the presence of greenery.
  • Place it under the full moon.
  • Give your Moss Agate a ‘sound bath.’
  • Immerse it into a jar full of salt.
  • Focus on your breathing pattern and inhale-exhale onto the crystal.
  • Burn incense sticks or some authentic herbs in the room where you have kept your Moss Agate crystal.  
  • Use the method of ‘cleansing visualization.’ All you have to do is hold the crystal in your palms and visualize a heavenly light perforating through your crystal while all the old-negative energy gets dissolved.

Though the above methods of charging a Moss Agate are efficient enough to recharge and get rid of any energies blocking the peaceful vibrations of this stone, you still might consider charging your Moss Agate crystal by putting it in moon water at times, provided you don’t have any artificial polish or shiner on your stone.

To conclude, charging your Moss Agate crystal in water for some time, won’t do much harm to your stone. But if you frequently charge it in water, then it might lose its luster and metaphysical effects over time.