Plume Agate

Plume agate is a rare type of colorful Agate that features not just bands but plumes, which resemble feathers. Plume agate is easily distinguishable from other agates because of its distinct feathery patterns.

What is Plume Agate?

Plume agate is a variety of chalcedony (Agate / Onyx) that has patterns naturally etched into its translucent body, which is red-brown and white. This Gemstone is known for its colorful and unique swirls.

How are Plume Agates Formed?

Plume agates are a rare form of Agate and are formed in the same way as normal agates, except that some iron oxide, maganese oxide, or other oxides from deep inside the earth are also deposited in cavities of rocks. The color of the plume then depends on the materials present during its formation.

Where can I find Plume Agate?

There are only a handful of places where you can find Plume Agate. It appears in the Agoura Hills in Los Angeles or the Agua Fria River in Gila Bend, Arizona. It is also said to appear in the Hatchet Mountains of New Mexico.

Types of Plume Agate

There are many different types of plume agate, each one having its unique characteristics. Most plume agates are black or brown in color, but some come in other colors as well. The most common types of plume agate include:

Priday Plume, Graveyard Point Plumes, Del Norte Plume, West Texas, and Mexican Plume.

Priday Plume Agate –

Priday plume agate originates from Madras, Oregon. Priday plume is normally white or gray in color with bands of red stripes running through it like veins. Priday plume agate is the most common.

Graveyard Point Plume Agate –

Graveyard Point Plume Agate comes from Graveyard Point, Oragon. It has similar patterns as Priday Plume Agate except it’s more yellowish in color than white or gray.

Del Norte Plume Agate –

Del Norte Plume Agate comes from Del Norte County, California (Klamath Mountains). The patterns on this type of plume agate are similar to those found on Graveyard Point Plume Agate.

Healing Properties of Plume Agate

Plume Agate is known for stabilizing the mind and body and contributing to a person’s overall maturity and composition. The Gemstone was thought to aid pregnant women in their mental and physical well-being in ancient times. This stone is thought to help both mothers going through pregnancy easier and the unborn baby within the mother’s womb. To improve lactation, ancient Egyptian women would wear an agate pendant around their neck, so it touched their breasts.

  • Physical Healing– Plume Agate is thought to provide physical healing for eyesight. Plume Agates also possesses many of the qualities associated with Agate that are widely known. This stone helps a person improve their analytical and concentration skills. A stone with properties that improve the condition of the digestive system is considered to be an elixir for the body. Stones with such qualities are also wonderful for treating skin disorders.
  • Emotional Healing –When it comes to becoming a pragmatic thinker, wearing plume Agate should help. The healing properties of this stone have been attributed to its ability to help wearers understand reality. Those who wear the stone will also gain a deeper sense of peace and harmony. Those who are making important life decisions can benefit from Plume Agate. Agates are known to be powerful stones that help one uncover their own truth and build self-confidence. They also encourage one to speak out for themselves. These stones are said to prevent negativity, jealousy, and ill-will. The stones also foster love, courage, and positivity. 
  • Spiritual Healing – According to beliefs, Plume Agate is connected to the collective consciousness of the divine. The unique variety of Agate on this necklace helps the wearer to acknowledge and understand his life experiences and connects them to his spiritual growth. Psychic visions can also be experienced through Plume Agate, helping one understand the origins of the universe. 
  • Chakra Healing – Stones like agates have a cleansing effect on the body by removing negative energies. 

Some interesting facts about this stone

Agate comes in many varieties, including Plume Agate. Agate comes in many varieties, including Plume Agate. The ancient civilizations of Babylon and Egypt have used Agate since 300BC. Ancient Indians also used Agate as an amulet. Red-brown and white Plume Agate is primarily mined from Oregon and Colorado, USA. Plume Agate is a stone found in both countries. It aligns the chakras and is known to be an effective balancer. It also works on improving one’s vision. Helps develop one’s pragmatic thinking abilities.

Metaphysical Properties of Plume Agates

This Agate can be regarded as a powerful balancer when kept close to one’s heart. The stone is a symbol of solidity, connection, and positivity. In addition to helping one connect with one’s spirit, Plume Agate improves memory and spiritual connection. 

What colors are these stones available?

The color of this Agate is pretty much every color in the rainbow. As the name implies, Plume Agate is found in a variety of colors, including white, grey, brown, pink, red, black, orange, and yellow. The Plume Agate is distinguished by color combinations of red-brown and white, which make it an easily recognizable stone. Their colors characterize them due to the presence of iron oxides and hydroxides.

Plume Agate is a famous and rare gemstone agate.

In the Deschutes Valley, north of Madras, you can find Priday Plume Agate. It is now a Priday Ranch. Richardsons Rock Ranch purchased it in 1976. On Richardsons Ranch, you can dig rocks and hunt for food. There is a nice “thunder egg” in this high-grade plume, but most of it was removed. Thundereggs are chalcedony eggs formed from previously formed lava cavities in volcanic sandstone. Plum agates contain thundereggs.

More about Plume Agate

The metaphysical aspect of this Agate is that it has a low intensity, so its vibrations are lower than other gemstones. Its stabilizing and strengthening properties are what make it so highly valued. All types of Agate have bands that appear to be delicate, but in reality, they represent strength. This stone is known to balance emotions, boost the intellect, enhance physical stamina, and balance nature’s positive and negative forces. Agates with plumes are similar to agates with plumes, but agate plumes are usually present throughout the entire rock, appearing in shades of green, brown, yellow, or red.


The healing power of Plume Agates is tremendous, and they can help bring positivity into your life quicker than you would think. If you collect stones regularly, you should learn how to check the authenticity of gemstones, and make sure to select a genuine piece. Agate enhances one’s perception, stimulates one’s analytical skills, and provides a sense of balance between one’s body, mind, and spirit. Besides alleviating hostilities and promoting goodwill, Agate is also said to be an Earth Stone that enhances communication with nature spirits and the grounding of one’s spiritual energy within one’s body. 

Plume Agate can be used for love, clarity of mind, and good fortune. Agate can also be used to facilitate immense strength, assist one in diversifying in fields of endeavor, as well as to promote meditative states and astral projection. The shaman in South America revered the stone as a pathway between other worlds. In addition to protecting against bad dreams, it helps reduce stress and energy drains. This stone is a great stone for everyone to have for protection.