Tree Agate

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The Complete Guide To Tree Agate: Its Meaning, Its Many Properties From Healing To Metaphysical; How To Use It and The Benefits Of Using It.

Table of Contents

Tree Agate is a powerful, potent stone that can be used for many purposes.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the gemstone, including where to find it, what to look for when buying, and its many benefits, from healing to prosperity.

Tree agates are one of the most valuable stones in the metaphysical toolbox. They help you stay grounded while remaining flexible even in the face of adversity.

Tree agate is a stone that helps you to find a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The tree agate, also known as the Agate of Plenitude because it is thought to bring bountiful abundance in a plentiful harvest, is a dendritic agate that contains crystal formations that develop into tree-like and branch-like cryptocrystalline patterns, hence its name. 

These are called dendrites, and this foliage-looking attraction casts a spell for wearers either to project for others to appreciate or to enjoy as one’s own, as in the case of its functions for healing.

Agates are types of Chalcedony and quartz that marvels bearers and viewers with their good looks, charming charms, and for many, a belief in their otherworldly healing powers. Depending on their surroundings, application, or metaphysical properties, they come in various colors, attributes, and behavior.

Tree agate, in particular, comes with a bevy of other qualities that may seem farfetched but that, upon closer inspection, clearly marks a connection between them. 

This includes tree agate, known as a stone of inner tranquility, a talisman for general protection, a stone that encourages a connection with nature, helps one overcome negativity, or otherwise being famous for their association with heart, health, and self-empowerment.

As far as ornaments go, tree agate goes beyond fashion and is also used as religious ornaments, particularly in the ancient cultures of the east, including Egypt and India.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating and provocative wonder of the tree agate.

Tree Agate Meaning: Grounded Connection

Tree Agate Meaning
Tree Agate Meaning

Tree Agate carries the vibration of all living things. It connects us to Mother Earth and helps us to feel a sense of peace. Tree Agate is good for grounding your roots. When you’re experiencing challenges, it gives you resilience and a solid attitude to persevere through them.

Tree agate is excellent for cleansing the body and mind, just as leaves of all trees purify the air we breathe. Cultivating the peace of an ancient forest will restore the peace within you that only comes from being in nature.

Its energy is so vital that it helps to remove stress and anxiety and bring optimism to your thoughts. When we restore emotional balance, we can release negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, fear, and distress. Tree Agate is also said to encourage positive thinking and a happy outlook. People who wear it will have more confidence and self-assurance.

Green Tree Agate Meaning
Green Tree Agate Meaning

This stone is a protector of the personal aura against negative energies. To ward off the toxicity and drama of others and avoid the damaging people and situations that are draining your energy, it helps you to create a protective shield.

It can bring inner peace and help you overcome unique challenges you might face in your day-to-day life. While many healing crystals focus on inner peace, Tree Agate focuses on the oneness of it all. You are a part of the universe, and it extends beyond yourself.

The tree-like structure in the stone reminds us that everything is one. Whether we realize it or not, we are all connected. The stone encourages us to look within ourselves and recognize that we are all the same.

One of the most important messages to come through from tree agate is personal power and inner peace. Some think that personal power requires themanagementbe self-absorbed. On the contrary, having personal power means knowing what gives you joy and taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the needs and feelings of others. I’m not advocating selfishness, but rather, I want us to consider that as important as self-care is, it must be balanced with caring.

It also helps you to feel connected to the rest of nature. Green tree agate stones are excellent talismans for those with a green thumb. They call upon the wisdom of woodland spirits and garden fairies.

Tree Agate Spiritual Meaning

Tree agate brings a sense of peace and inner tranquility to wearers.

This beautiful stone allows individuals to look within, which may lreflective, reflective demeanor.

Tree Agate vs. Moss Agate

Tree Agate vs. Moss Agate

Moss agate and tree agate are essentially the same minerals; both have a mixture of Chalcedony and green dendritic, but the stones have different mineral traces creating unique green branch-like patterns. 

The Tree Agate is a beautiful white and green stone. It’s a twin to Moss Agate. The only difference is the level of translucency.

To Find Out More Please Read: Tree Agate vs. Moss Agate: What Is The Difference?

Tree Agate Properties: Inner Peace from Tree Agate

Tree agate brings a delicious serving of a dish called paradox: It is believed to be a powerful stone that provides powerful effects, yet at the same time, is also known to be like a calming agent that brings inner peace and fulfillment. Yin and Yang, and neatly wrapped in the same package.

Suppose you have that combination of calm in a high-stress situation and the agency of powerful influence that you can bear on the said situation. You can ideally maneuver any problem to your bidding, a recipe for success in any endeavor, amplified to eleven.

Read on to see more of the various properties attributed to tree agate.

While there is quiet, worldly energy rooted in any agate gemstone, possibly by dint of its being a part of the Earth’s formation in more ways than time, the tree agate especially has the calming, heart-filling energy in spades.

This brings about a host of additional effects, not the least of which is a sense of inner tranquility and peace. These qualities extend a calm mind, body, and spirit that quickly manifests itself in the bearer’s constitution. 

This, in turn, and in time, brings inner stability that, while it is a quality among many agates, is significantly amplified in tree agate, enabling its user a conviction, security, and composure that becomes the basis for various beneficial effects like improving relationships, boosting the immune system alongside one’s confidence, and balancing energies in the body.

When it comes to tree agate, many benefits, like the tendrils inside, branch out from one stone.

Tree Agate Healing Properties **

Traditional healers often use gemstones to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. They feel that the crystal must be natural and unenhanced. They feel the energy is purified by passing through the natural stone. Some massage therapists use gemstones, crystals, and other materials to help them work on specific areas of the body.

Tree Agate Spiritual Healing Properties

Tree Agate helps you n true inner peace and maintain it despite the occasional chaos. It helps you let go of your ego and spiritual arrogance and recognize that you are all connected to the same universal vibration. It is an excellent stone to listen to while you’re doing a healing meditation. It helps you connect with the spiritual realm.

Tree Agate Emotional Healing Properties: Tree Agate is an emotional healing crystal

Emotional Healing Crystal
Emotional Healing Crystal

Tree Agate is a stone of strength and courage. It encourages you to stand up for yourself and to stay grounded. It is said that children who have been emotionally traumatized can benefit from this stone.

Tree Agate Mental Healing Properties

Tree Agate is good for the warrior inside us. It helps us be more spontaneous and open to creative inspiration. Tree Agate enables you to understand the link between your emotions and physical body, making you more conscious of your decisions and aware of their effects. Finally, tree agate is a stone of cooperation, helping you to surround yourself with positive people and to work together towards the common good.

Tree Agate Physical Healing Properties

Tree Agate is a beautiful all-around healing stone to use when you want to restore balance and feel like you have more control over it.

It helps with grounding and is gentle and firm without being harsh.

It could help us to relax when adrenalin and cortisol are over-activated and our fight/flight instincts are engaged.

The most important lesson to learn when working with tree agate is to slow down, think logically, and identify what we can do to make life easier in the short term.

It is said to be an excellent talisman for immune system issues. People with autoimmune disorders that are activated by stress may find it helpful.

It is believed that tree agate can also amplify the energy of other crystals.

Some people think that tree-agate can help with ailments affecting the nerves and blood capillaries. It may lower blood pressure.

The stone may be particularly beneficial for people who have neuralgia. According to ancient traditions, it was believed that the stone might boost the body’s natural immune system.

This stone is commonly believed by many to be an excellent stone to have when you’re pregnant because it is said it can encourage lactation and might help new mothers deal with the baby blues.

Some people believe tree agates align the vertebra in some people with skeletal disorders. This is one of the best ways to relieve back pain caused by stress and tension.

It might also help treat conditions affecting the nervous system.

Many believe Tree-Agate stones might benefit the heart and the blood vessels by strengthening cardiac muscles and the chest. In addition, it may increase circulation by stimulating the veins and capillaries of the circulatory system.

In some cases, it could be beneficial to the eyes and those suffering from insomnia or sleepwalking.

Tree Agate Metaphysical Properties **

The phrase “metaphysical properties” is a commonly used phrase to describe the belief that gemstones carry the power to create spiritual, supernatural, and physical changes in people and their environments.

The belief that gemstone materials have healing, protective and spiritual properties goes back to the dawn of recorded history. This collection of information, sometimes called “lore,” comes from folk medicine, mythology, religious belief, other sources, and anecdotal stories. This folklore is passed down from generation to generation.

Both the gemstone type and the gemstone color are essential factors in determining metaphysical properties. Different types of gems are used in different cultures to strengthen weaknesses within a person’s body, mind, and spirit to create a balanced being.

Birthstones are the most common use of metaphysical properties in Western societies.

According to astrologers, the twelve traditional birthstones were attached to specific zodiac signs due to their commonly believed metaphysical properties. Each zodiac sign is associated with a particular quality. Each stone is thought to strengthen a specific personality trait within a particular zodiac sign. 

Meanwhile, in eastern societies, gems have been associated with specific chakras or chis of the body. They were the centers of activity in traditional cultures. These focal points are places that are important for the distribution of spiritual energy. There are the focal points for the four directions of Earth, the three elements, and the five senses. 

Agate is said to be a stone that promotes inner stability, making tree agate an amplified version. Just as a dappled forest may bring calmness, it’s said that Tree Agate brings a sense of peace and inner tranquility, allowing you to look within for self-examination. to people who use it.

Tree Agate Chakra

Root, Heart, and Crown

Tree Agate Planet


Tree Agate Zodiac Sign

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio

You don’t have to be a member of any zodiac to enjoy the benefits of Tree Agate. However, some healers say it works better for some signs than others.

This stone has the most robust connection to the Taurus sign. Taurus is an Earth sign, which naturally resonates with the Earth-powered Tree Agate.

Some healers say that Virgos and Geminis, who use tree agate, can make significant progress. For both signs, the name of the game is balance and peace. Virgo is notorious for being uptight, while Gemini constantly fights to harmonize the Yang and Yin. Tree Agate is believed to help bridge the gap and provide peace for those born under these signs.

In yet other circles, it is believed that people born under the Scorpio sign can benefit from Tree agate because of its ability to enhance the imagination and the sense of intuition. 

Tree Agate Element


Tree Agate Numerology

2 and 7

Tree Agate Color

White and Green   

Translucent and Green is known as Moss Agate: Click Here To Find Out More About Moss Agate

Tree Agate Crystal Properties

It contains a trigonal crystal system.

Tree Agate Birthstone

This is the birthstone for people who are born in the months of August and September. Green crystals promote good health and success for these people.

Tree Agate Energy

Tree Agate has sensible and resilient energy. A more earthy alternative to the traditional clear quartz crystals, tree agates are great for grounding. Tree Agate crystal energy evokes tree power. It’s perfect for nature spells, gardening, or for a unique wood element in feng shui. Tree Agate’s energy works well with its family of other Agates. It also works well with crystals that form in the same geological environment.

Tree Agate Geological Properties: Science and Origin of Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a form of Dendritic Agate, a white or colorless variety of Chalcedony with visible, fern-like impurities of manganese or iron oxides which found their way into cracks of white quartz as it formed.  

These impurities are called dendrites, which have their roots in the fact that they are shaped like the branches of a tree. If the pattern is black, these Agates may be called Dendritic Agate, but when the pattern is green, they are called Moss Agate (if translucent) and Tree Agate (if opaque). Moss Agate and Tree Agate have green dendrites, while Dendritic Agate typically has black or brown hues, although other colors are also possible. 

dendrite (n.)

"natural marking found on some stones in the form of branching shrubs, trees, or mosses," 1745, from Greek dendrites "of or pertaining to a tree," from dendron "tree," from PIE *der-drew-, from root *deru- "to be firm, solid, steadfast," also forming words for "wood, tree."

Etymology of dendrite by etymonline

Dendritic Tree Agate is one of the most widely-available agates and is often cut into cabochons or shaped. It is possible to find this crystal in most of the USA. However, most of these crystals come from Brazil, Mexico, and India. While they’re absolutely stunning and contain extremely powerful grounding energies, the market is currently very saturated. This is because of its abundance and the easy access to the mines for the workers.

Tree Agate Mineralogy


Mineral Information of Tree AgateMicrocrystalline quartz, banded Chalcedony
Chemical Composition For Tree AgateIt contains Silicon Dioxide with inclusions
Chemical Formula For Tree AgateSiO2
Colors of Tree AgateWhite base with dappled green inclusions
The Hardness of Tree Agate6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity of Tree Agate2.60 – 2.65
Refractive Index of Tree Agate 1.544 – 1.553
LusterMost tree agate crystals show waxy luster.
Tree Agate Mineralogy

Tree Agate Formation 

Agates are created by volcanic eruptions transforming magma and lava into igneous rock. Some gases may form bubbles during the cooling down period, causing empty hollow spaces inside the igneous rocks.

Agate is formed when silica-bearing water penetrates the rocks and begins to fill the hollow spaces. If the hollow fills quickly, and the resulting Agate is a solid color or has a random scattering of trace inclusions. Some inclusions may change the stone’s color, pattern, and transparency. The organic green dendritic patterns in tree agate are caused by manganese, iron, and/or chrome inclusions.

Mineral Family

Tree Agate is a silicate mineral. Silicates are minerals that contain the elements silicon and oxygen.

There are six main Silicate minerals groups, which are further divided into subgroups, such as quartz and feldspar.

Quartz is divided into two main groups, macrocrystalline and microcrystalline. Macrocrystalline quartz has well-formed crystals that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye. Microcrystalline quartz has crystals so tiny they can only be seen through a microscope. These are typically grouped together under the name Chalcedony or its subcategories Agate and Jasper. Microcrystalline quartz can be colorless or appear in every shade of the rainbow.

Where Is Tree Agate Found? Where does Tree Agate come from?

Tree agate, like moss agate, is commonly found in various continents around the world, including the western United States; in Asia such as China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and India (this being among the most popular sources), Australia in Oceania, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay in Latin America, Madagascar and Namibia in Africa, among others. 

Tree Agate, like many agates in general, can be found in a wide variety of regions. As such, it had come to be known by different names and designations, including:

  • Dendritic Agate
  • Stone of Plentitude (a.k.a. Stone of Abundance)
  • Mocha Stone
  • Mosquito Stone
  • Gratitude Stone

Mining and Treatments

Tree agate forms in the lava fields of volcanic eruptions. Tree Agate is a gem that’s mined in association with the igneous rock in which it formed. Igneous rock (from the Latin word ignis, meaning fire) is one of the three main rock types: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. Igneous rocks are formed when magma or lava cools and solidifies. 

Agates are common minerals that are not valuable enough to be the primary focus of any large-scale mining operation. But it’s often mined with other precious metals and minerals in small-scale and artisanal mines, especially if the stones are particularly colorful or distinctive.

Agates are also found in alluvial deposits, sometimes totally loose and already polished by the flow of the water.

Agate stones are ball or almond-shaped nodules ranging in size from a fraction of an inch to several yards in diameter. If the agate fills the entire hollow space left by the gas bubble, it’s called an Agate Almond. A hollow remaining in the center of the gemstone is an agate geode.

Good Crystal Combinations For Tree Agate

Tree Agate’s energy works well with its family of other Agates. 

Try it in combination with the following:

  • Apricot Agate,
  • Blue Lace Agate,
  • Botswana Agate,
  • Crazy Lace Agate,
  • Dendritic Agate,
  • Fire Agate,
  • Gray Agate,
  • Moss Agate,
  • Sardonyx

Tree Agate’s energy works well with other crystals formed in the same geological environment.

Try it in combination with the following:

Snow Quartz

  • Mordenite
  • Garnierite
  • Mangano Calcite
  • Moss Agate
  • Larvikite
  • Pink Calcite

Why Would You Use Tree-Agate? How Will Tree-Agate Help You?

Ancient, Modern day and Common Folklore Tree Agate Tenets

Tree-Agate and Wealth

Tree Agate – Stone of Abundance

Green is the color of abundance and prosperity and health. Green is also the color of money. Tree agate is a powerful stone for financial abundance. It brings good luck and prevents you from being blocked by negative energies.

Feng Shui says that if you carry the stone, you will receive the benefits of nature. The agate is said to bring the energy of abundance to every aspect of your life. The best results from carrying the stone are achieved by meditating with it regularly. You will find yourself surrounded by abundance and prosperity. Tree Agate is said to bring wealth and good luck. You feel as if you are constantly surrounded by abundance, and you can manifest more money, love, and happiness in your life. You feel lucky and optimistic about the future. You are confident and secure financially. You will always be calm and peaceful in the face of financial setbacks because you know they are part of the process of growing your business.

Agate is good for your mind. It can give you clarity, and with some practice, you It’s a stone that will give your user the feeling of increased courage and sense of control, which is helpful for people who are making a life-changing decision.

An old Indian legend says that tree agate stone also helps remove negative energies, eliminates unhealthy behaviors, and creates a more profound and robust connection to the natural world. It is said that placing trees in a garden or near the home can attract animals.

Tree Agate is an excellent stone to use as a personal talisman. It will help your body gain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. It will give you the stamina to handle everything that you’re supposed to do and everything that’s expected of you.

This stone is an excellent source of inner peace. It will help you to feel relaxed and calm.

It will help you achieve balance and stability in all aspects of your life. This stone carries quiet energy that will help you work determinedly and ignore all the things that are causing you confusion or pain.

Tree-Agate will help you achieve all you set out to achieve and will help you work behind the scenes.

It will improve your mental functions and give you mental clarity.

Tree-Agate strengthens family connections.

Tree-Agate can be used to support you in the workplace setting.

Balanced energy will stabilize your emotions so that you are always a pleasant person to be around.

It’ll make you more productive, inspired, admired, and respected.

Tree-Agate, Love, and Relationships

Tree-Agate is the gemstone for those who want to bring more joy into their relationship.

This stone will help you overcome emotional pain, resolve emotional problems, and improve your relationships.

Tree-Agate will help you remove the antagonism, hostility, and animosity from your relationship. The stone helps you to forgive and forget, to be more loving, and to be more open to new experiences. 

You’ll be inspired to take the initiative in your relationship. There will be more demonstrations of love.

You’ll discover how to feel more comfortable and confident about your physical self.

It will dissolve feelings of arrogance and pride, as these negative feelings don’t do anything to help you grow in any way, and they can only hurt you. This stone’s energies will encourage you to have a gentle and meek heart.

How to Use Tree-Agate for the Best Results?

If you want to ensure that the healing and protective energies will be close to your personal auric fields, then the following tips are for you.

  1. Always have a piece of tree agate on your person, as a necklace or bracelet. In your purse and pocket, wear it to boost your powers.
  2. You can place this crystal under your pillow or under your bed mattress to bring in more energy, wealth, and prosperity for the year.
  3. Tree Agate is an excellent meditation stone too, and it can be welcomed into your meditation regime in a number of ways.

I always use it when I am listening to hypnosis for self-improvement

Hypnosis Audio Meditations

An excellent meditation stone to go back to your roots. You’ll be able to release that carefree, happy child who’s waiting to come out and play. A tree agate is a beautiful stone that symbolizes inner peace. They have a number of benefits to prayer and meditation. They help focus your attention and create a relaxed, calm mind. Using a green tree agate with you helps you to become spiritually and emotionally calm.

HypnosisDownloads is my go-to source for well-researched and well-crafted audios for hypnotic meditations. The following is a list of recommended hypnosis audios to use with tree agate:

  • Resolution 
  • Living in the Present Moment 
  • Longevity Meditation 
  • New Beginnings 
  • Nourishing and Rejuvenation 
  • Nurturing Opportunities 
  • Passion 
  • Peace of Mind 
  • Physical Healing 
  • PTSD 
  • Relaxation 
  • Leadership 
  • Self- Healing 
  • Self-Discipline 
  • Self Discovery 
  • Selflessness 
  • Sense of Purpose 
  • Soothing Spiritual Awakening 
  • Stress Relief 
  • Trust 
  • Truth 
  • Wisdom 
  • Calming 
  • Patience 
  • Growth 
  • Anxiety Relief 
  • Balance 
  • Breaking Addictions 
  • Grounding 
  • Claiming Wholeness 
  • Compassion 
  • Connection with Nature 
  • Consciousness 
  • Emotional Understanding 
  • Gentle Self-Expression 
  • Inner Peace 
  • Inner Vision 
  • Insight 
  • Inspiration 
  • Joy 
  • Knowledge

How do you meditate with a Tree Agate?

Switch your phone to Do Not Disturb.

Put on your choice of hypnosis audio recording or soft, relaxing music. The audios from HypnosisDownloads have a little intro, which will allow you to get comfortable and settled before the more profound work begins.

Stretch, then relax your body in a relaxed sitting or lying position.

Place pieces of tree agate in your hands. I like to lie down so I can place cabochons on my crown, throat, heart, and root chakras. I also wear bracelets around my wrists and ankles. Otherwise, you might find that simply having Tree Agate near, maybe in the form of a tree agate tower or a tree agate sphere, boosts its transformative energies and guides your experience the best.

Relax and clear your mind.

Close your eyes and focus on breathing. With each breath, visualize a new, positive thought coming into your mind.

Allow the energy of Tree Agate to seep into your body.

Keep your mind open for divine wisdom and guidance that will come through from this meditation.

It’s easy to combine your tree-agate with other stones and crystals to create a robust crystal grid that will support and enhance your psychic and metaphysical abilities, and this makes it a valuable ally for your personal power. 

Other Agates are good complements for Tree Agate because they are in the same family. Tree Agate works well with crystals that have grown in the same geological environment.

Place it in the plants around your home and in the garden to help boost their growth and around your home to create a calm atmosphere for everyone who lives there.

The more you harness this stone’s energies, the more balanced and centered your life will be.

You might find that wearing certain pieces of jewelry featuring Tree Agate connects it well to your system of chakras as you enter the meditation state.

Tree Agate Jewelry: Tree Agate Used As Jewelry

Yes, tree agate can be used dramatically in any jewelry collection. This semi-precious stone is used on bracelets, pendants, or amulets. The best thing about tree agate is that it is just as beautiful to look at even when it is not polished. When it is, and you have it in your person as jewelry or charm in your pocket, it’s like carrying around a piece of the resplendence of nature or a forest with you.

How to Tell if Tree Agate is Real?

Tree Agate is a beautiful stone that can be made into elegant and exquisite jewelry by designers with the right expertise. It is pretty affordable and available in many natural designs and colors.

You’ll find a perfect piece of Tree Agate that will enhance the natural beauty of the stone. The inclusion of Tree Agate in the gemstone is what makes it valuable. Tree Agate is a reasonably inexpensive gemstone. You will rarely find imitations.

 But sometimes glass can be sold off as Agate, so you must watch out for that.

Get the best possible price for your tree agate by shopping around online and comparing prices. This is why it’s best to do your homework before buying from a gemstone dealer and ensure they’re reputable.

Enhancement of tree agate usually involves dyeing the stone to improve its natural colors. No special care is required when this stone is enhanced. It’s not an exceptional stone in that regard. The gemstone dealer should inform you if the stone has been dyed or enhanced in any way.

 If you want to find out whether a Tree Agate has been dyed, put it in a plastic bag and leave it outside under direct sunlight. If you heat the Tree Agate up, it’ll show traces of dye if it is a dyed stone.

Cleansing and Proper Care of Tree Agate

It’s relatively easy to care for Tree Agate because it’s a pretty hard and durable stone. Only materials that are harder than seven on the hardness scale can cause damage to it. Keep your tree agate in a soft fabric pouch that’s in a cool and dark place. This will prevent damage and discoloration.

Just like any other healing crystal, you need to clean it from time to time. Cleansing is the first step to help the stone purify its accumulated energy. Failing to do so could lead to less efficiency.

To clean a tree agate stone, you should avoid harsh chemical cleaners. Castille soap is a chemical-free cleaner that is safe to use. You can clean the stone with a soft-bristled brush and warm water. Chemical-free gemstone cleaners also work well. You can clean the stone with a soft-bristled brush and warm water. Wash the stone thoroughly and use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Keep it away from heated drying tools.

You can also use a smudge stick if you’d like to work with nature instead of chemicals. There are many ways to cleanse with cleansing gemstones, but Selenite is one of my favorites. I even use it for detoxifying.

Designing with Tree Agate

You can use the amount of green in a tree agate stone to help you decide which gemstone to pair it with. Pairing a stone with a lot of green with a white stone will make your green stone more visible and vice versa.

Since tree agate is closely connected to nature, it works incredibly well with earthy-based palettes. Earthy colors such as green and brown help us connect with nature. These colors provide an atmosphere that feels relaxed, calm, and comfortable. Red and purple, together with green, is the perfect combination to add that extra punch of style.

Tree Agate History and The Lore of Green Tree Agate

The dendritic structure of agate is its defining feature. The term dendritic agate comes from the Greek word dendron, meaning ‘tree.’ 

Green tree agate is an ancient stone that has long been regarded for its connection to nature. Ancient civilizations called it the “Stone of Abundance” and associated it with prosperity and commerce.

The stone was often used by the Greeks as a decoration for gardens. They also buried it beneath the fields before sowing the seeds for a successful harvest and used it in offerings to the Gods.

Ancient Indians and Egyptians wore tree agates in a number of ways:

  • As healing amulets
  • As ornaments to
  • As adornment in their urns and  bowls
  • In religious pieces.

There are no historical stories or symbols associated with the tree agate stone. But trees have always been symbols of growth, longevity, wisdom, and prosperity.

Tree agate stone has associations with the 20 sacred trees of the Ogham alphabet. Found alongside the Viking alphabet on the ancient rune stones of Europe. Oak trees are a great source of life energy. They’re also closely associated with the tree agate stone vibrating with the same psychic heartbeat.

In Summary: The Benefits of Tree-Agate

The stone helps you to connect to the natural cycles of life and to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Clearing negative emotions will help you become more persevering and patient.

This stone will help you contemplate your life and the events that led you to where you are now.

This stone is suitable for eliminating negative energies and stabilizing your aura.